The most important benefit of becoming a Co-op Member is knowing that you are investing your money in your community, and the warm feeling inside knowing that you support our mission by contributing your dollars and your participation.

Luckily for you, there is a whole lot of other benefits which make joining the Co-op a no-brainer.

Patronage Refunds

Members become part owners of The Co-op through making an “equity investment” rather than paying a “membership fee”. This makes members eligible to receive Patronage Refunds. In profitable years refunds are paid out in proportion to how much a member has spent in the store.

Member-Only Sales

The Co-op routinely offers Member-Only Sales on a variety of items. The Grocery department has monthly rotating sales of 300+ items with saving ranging from 10-30%. The Produce department has weekly rotating sales of 10+ items with savings ranging from 25-50%. We also have quarterly Member Appreciation Days in March, June, September and December, where the entire store is 15% off.


Special Orders and Case Discounts

Members can make special orders or buy cases of many products at a discount. For more information about Special Orders, please visit our Special Orders page.

Members Have a Voice

We welcome your good ideas and suggestions for building a stronger co-op. We have a suggestion box located in the store, or you can make suggestions and give feedback here. Members are also eligible to vote on Co-op affairs and elections.

Members May Run for Office

As a member, you are eligible to run for a position on the Board of Directors.


Members May Serve on Co-op Committees

Committees perform a variety of tasks and play an important role in making The Co-op what we want it to be: a Co-op run by the community for the community.

Free and Discounted Workshops

The Co-op hosts workshops and seminars that focus on cooking skills, gardening, farming, health and nutrition, value added products, and much more. Workshops are held at The Co-op as well as other locations including local farms.

Community Building

The Co-op hosts community events and other opportunities for you to meet your fellow Co-op members and spend time getting to know people in the community. Events and programs are announced on The Co-op bulletin board, website, and by email newsletter.


A Stronger Local Economy

The Co-op expands the market for local food and improves the local economy by keeping more food dollars in the community. When you shop at The Co-op the money you spend is re-invested in the co-op, going back to members, paying workers a living wage, buying from local farmers, and strengthening the economic underpinnings of our community.